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trimise de VikylucaciuVikylucaciu.

At times, I feel old like I'm going out of style
So I turn down the music on my FM dial
I beg of you to come and listen for a while
And look at this wonderful world through the eyes of a child
This is my chance to escape today
And I don't want to see my dreams chased away
Inside the palace gates is where I stay
'Cause the world is no longer a safe place to play
Its like the story of the little wooden boy
Who wanted to live the life that every child should enjoy
I heard it once of twice before
The world is yours for you to explore
I heard my calling as a child and I answered it
When I grow up and finally get my chance to fit
I'll be the sort of man you can't forget
I used to stair up at the sky on my camping trips
In this quiet night of quiet stars
Of quiet chords on my guitar
Kids out there, I know it might be hard
But I realize how alive you are

One day I'll travel from the East to the West
And tap into the hidden strength that all men possess
I'll always be young, see a young mind is fresh
And its clear my memories will one day disappear unless

Do you remember?
Yes I remember
Do you remember?

Some say the price of life has a costly amount
When it comes to fights, I might've lost me a bout
But I've never lost my head 'cause that would cost me a scalp
So when my heart became cold like the Austrian Alps
I used to use my aggression, just to hurt mics
In '86 my whole crew was in to dirt bikes
Like the GT Predator or a Mongoose
Listen as I ride the rhythm and let the rhymes loose
This is what makes my life so real
I'll take my chances and spin the wheel
I can't wait to grow up so I'll know the deal
But right now I'm a child and this is how I feel
My younger days were sort of tragic despite
I learned to unify the pen and pad with the mic
I might need a little magic tonight
'Cause to me imagination is the fabric of life
My rhymes helped me many times grow'n up
Before keep'n it real, all the days are blow'n up
I put on shows in my room- nobody show'n up
I'm just a little guy now, but when I'm old enough


That was my train of thought

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