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Versuri The Hooters - Johnny b

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1. It's a sleepless night
She's calling your name
It's a lonely ride
I know how you want her
Again and again
You're chasing a dream yea
but Johnny, my friend does she's not what she seems


Johnny B how much there is to see
Just open your eyes and listen to me
Straight ahead
A dream like lies in bed
Oh why can't you see Ooh Johnny B

2. When you drive her home
Does she seem real close
Does she make you weak
Well that's the way she wants you
You're strong out again
She's taking you over
You've been there before
Why can't you let go

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3. When she calls your name
My sweet Johnny B
You can drive all night
And you know she'll be waiting
To love you again
Her kisses are poisoned
Forever inside you wherever you go

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