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Versuri The Format - Career day

Todays been a career day, futures made and fortunes lost as im standing in the lobby, im waiting for
the elevator to take
Me away up to nine or ten, maybe eleven the sound of sirens fading as she whispers in my ear shes
saying, its too late to
Wish success so get undressed and please just come to bed cause im the last real thing youve got
youre cursed by all
Ambitious thoughts is that all youve got as for you, you spin a story like a spider spins a web see
thats a metaphor, no
Wait, a similie im still learning but i think im getting better oh if im not tortured how are you
ever going to relate ive
Been condemed by those i love, wishing me the worst as im trying my best but shes the last real
thing ive got im cursed by
All ambitious thoughts is that all youve got love close your eyes and cover, cover your ears, for
the end is near but the
Beginning is here in with the outro and out with the old i'm gonna tie all the loose ends i once
pulled in with the outro
And out with the old (headed, paired, paired up, i really have no idea) for failure, from what we've
been told in with the
Outro and out with the old with nothing to offer, so nothings been sold in with the outro and out
with the old forgive me
And give me one more chance to fold in with the outro and out with the old there's nothing to lose
when there's nothing to
Hold we'll be together in the morning

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