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Versuri The Different Class - The monkey jump

trimise de Andravasile90Andravasile90.

I stormed in last night like a real fever
Threw it around into the room made me very bitter
Everything looked like everything sounded real real different
In my head and in my mind but their eyes begged to differ

I found a doubt in sleep a thing that makes me thinking
What state of mind is good for me am I hallucinating
When I'm awake I'm too insane to speak it out but maybe
A cup of tea will spill it out from me while I am waiting

We have a problem in perception of disorder
While it's in place it's still ok we never get to order
Our thoughts in mind in line with heart in line with soul and steady
If we still care to live our lives inside our head we'll get it

So if you'll go into my brain
You'll just find an ape who'll slam to drums and say
Do the monkey jump

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