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Versuri The Different Class - Pride

trimise de Andravasile90Andravasile90.

Your mind is first to know
Your eyes
Showing a strange glow
You're fine
I'll stop this wicked show
Now show me
The path towards your soul

feeling dark remorse
Is eating up her soul
Inside her
I felt I was alone
I see
No point in trying anymore

Won't you show him
Won't you show him darling
Won't you show him
That you are all of mine
Taking you slowly
Making you holy honey
Baby don't love me
I'm not yours this time

Oh dear I got some bad news for you
The transmission's getting weird yeah I should hang up
My inner being is so frail yet so new
Focus on seeing me whenever you're stuck
Your heart is bleeding oh my dear yes I know
In my illusion I might think I was fine
From all the feeling in your feet I shook up
Come on over ye come on over to me

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