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Versuri The Different Class - Heat

trimise de Andravasile90Andravasile90.

Grabbing your soul in my stormy hand
Creating a new religion
I'll build a house where I can hear your howl
Cook it in the stove of our reflection

Like there's no tomorrow
I'll keep my head up high now
To God damn strip to God, to God damn strip it
Until I feel your sound

You turn me down into your perfect sun

I love your soft smile
Just like I like strange love
Your eyes are black-holes
They make me crawl in them girl

I'll f***g face it
Before I'll hear the voice drown
Unbearable silence
Into the pond of dawn

And when your laugh will turn to sorrow
I will still be loving you
There'll be a bright day for the flower
That always bloomed inside of you

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