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Versuri The Autumn Offering - Born dead

trimise de DuduDudu.

Cold silence grips me
The life-giving womb a grave
Breathe embryonic poison
Takes my breath away
Shadows engulf this day in black
For one such as I born to his death
My blood of life the venom
Forever wear it's stain

F***k you and you're broken hands
F***k you for words unsaid
F***k all you're malice and you're lies
I am the scar forever cut into your skin
I am the living born dead

Your just a f***g used up hole
(Sent back to the shadows)
Cauterized, dead and bloated

These are your last days
Closed permanently
Theres only one exit left
Burn down

From the blood of perdition
I stood and looked into it's eyes
Ripe with death and putrefaction
No God to hear my infant cries
Through stained glass cracks I slipped and slithered
My name drips off the serpent's tongue

Wolves and snakes encircle me
Yet cannot kill the son of man

From the blood of perdition
Pray for a invocation
Death doesn't know my name
(God doesn't know my name)
I've lived this life in vain

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