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The devil's concubine - versuri Thanatos |
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Versuri Thanatos - The devil's concubine

Night falls, darkness calls,
evil fantasies in your mind
Summer breeze, you feel at ease,
sorrows banished from your mind
Erotic dreams, perverted scenes,
behind the curtains of your eyes
Hellish w****e opens wide,
you can't see through her wicked lies


She appears in your nightmares,
she lives in your dreams
She's got the looks of an angel,
but she's not what she seems
The w****e of Satan,
the Devil's concubine
For a night of passion,
you'll suffer a lifetime
Fingers stretching, nails scratching,
blood is running down your back
Flesh torn, bloodcum,
feel the hooks inside her c***t
Orgasmic rush, turns to dust,
as you scream out in disgust
Satanic w****e, queen of gore,
you're suffering, yet she wants more

[Repeat chorus]


As you lie there, blood-soaked...
Satan's w****es are gathered
to feast upon your flesh Organs and genitals;
a "grand buffet" of first-class human meat
Your soul has left your body,
the journey to the other side begins
Prepare for mental torture,
as you enter the realm of ecstasy


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