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Versuri Th1 - Shichi gatsu youka [eng]

trimise de Aliss_SadAliss_Sad.

It's been two years since we broke up. It kind of seems like it was yesterday.
We're walking different roads now, but sometimes, I still run into you.

Just like those days,
Those really tough times, I can't say I want to go back to that again. But truthfully, even now, I'm
still sad
I still like you....

I cried miserably every night
Because of the pain, I tried to forget us
but I still think about it.
Just as I thought, I am lonely...

Where are you and what are you doing now?
Have you caught that precious dream of yours?
I worry too much about that kind of stuff, right?
Please don't erase me from your heart.

Do you remember? The tears ans smiles
Overflowed those precious days
While crying together
We said we"ll meet again and not forget
I was such a weak cry baby, but can we walk together again?
No matter how long, I will wait for that day to come

Please let me hear your voice; I'll stay here.
I won't go anywhere anymore. I will always be here.

I want to hear your voice, so I tried calling you
But just as I thought, you didn't pick up again
Are you avoiding me? I don't understand
Just the other day I saw you
Now, you smile happily
holding the hand of the one you love

You have matured and become so pretty
Even though I should be sad, I was happy
It's enough that I can see your lively smile; I try to look cool
Without saying anything, I try to hold in the tears
Casually, I gave you a small wave
I said to you 'Thanks and take care'

This is our goodbye. Even now,
I wish for your happiness
To my beloved you, whom i won't get to see anymore
I truly thank you form my heart
Goodbye and take care okay?
Until we meet again....

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