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Versuri Taxi - Dear americans

trimise de DanDan.

1. Dear Americans, I just love your language.
I've loved it since I was a kid. That's true.
I think it's so cool and so smooth, it's awesome,
But I think I will learn Russian too.
Just in case, I will learn Russian too.

Chorus: Так что, конечно, буду стараться как-то его
Творчество Пушкина и Путина в оригинале смогу я
В жизни всякое бывает, никогда не знаешь что может
И в один день русский язык может нам пригодиться.
(So I'll learn it somehow - I'm telling you, folks -
And I'll be able to read, in the original, Pushkin's and Putin's works.
You never know what the future holds, you can never say,
So I guess Russian might come in handy one day.)

2. Dear Americans, don't know much about history,
But I know it's repeating itself. That's true.
And Yalta is still such a nice place to gather,
So I think I will learn Russian too.
Just in case, I will learn Russian too.

3. Dear Americans, Mr. Obama says there will be
Costs and consequences for Russia. That's true.
But maybe the Russians don't understand your language,
So maybe Obama should learn Russian too.
Maybe Obama should learn Russian too.

Мeйби Oбaмa шуд лёрн Paшэн туу.

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