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Versuri Bounce
- Tarkan

trimise de AlxonlineAlxonline.

Let me see you bounce (x2).

If you really know what's good for you
ease the load, let it blow
come on baby tell me what're you waiting for
bring it on, here we go.

break free
of all your senses
when you close your eyes
just breathe
to the rythmn of my body and mind.

let me see you bounce
we're goin' higher, feel the fire
let me see you bounce
it's on tonight, we're on the rise (oh)

let me see you bounce
you don' have to hide it, if you like it.

let me see you bounce (x3).

you gotta (gotta gotta gotta) let it go if you wanna
really wanna lose it
come on (come on come on come on) put your hands up
do it all the way, move it (move it).

if you really don't wanna hold it back
let us relax, spin the track
feel the beat take over
and let's pretend it'll never end

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