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Versuri Sylver - In your eyes

trimise de Allynwt2aAllynwt2a.

I can still remember, long ago
Living in the fast lane, never slow
And nothing that could come between me and you

I still hear the words I thought were cheap
You should always look before you leap
And I never realised those words were oh so true


I hope that you can hear me
Though you're living in another world
Throwing shadows upon earth


In your eyes, I could drown and still survive
In your eyes, I could see how to live my life
But if only I knew
That chances were few
Maybe I would still be with you

Several thoughts I can't define
Living on a dream, seems like a crime
But every now and then it's hard to ignore

'Cause only in my dreams I find a clue
when i try to build a memory of you
I know our love will be much stronger than before

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