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Versuri All night
- Swollen Members

Yeah, this is Swollen Members, c'mon
Another Battle Axe banger
Breaking out the heat, showing you what's really going on

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Don't stop. Make it last all night
Hey Ma, what's really good. Shake your a*s all night
C'mon get in the ride. Drive fast all night
"She already got a girl". That's all right.

[Verse: MadChild]
What up ma, you wanna hang with a rock star
Hop into my truck get stopped by a cop car (woop, woop)
How does this suppose to get
seems like the police, they don't like my a*sociates
We some monsters is concert
Drunk in the middle of the club like "Who wants it!? "
Ma*s appeal with ma*sive whips, bling-bling
Drunk with a belt buckle in the motorcycle ring king (?)
Brand new breed creep for vengeance
Bad muscle car with TV's and chromed out engines
F***g models and smashing gla*s bottles
Full blown, no helmet, full throttle
Rein stone cowboy desperado
Underground to winning the rap lotto
Now MadChild's talking about cash, son of a bitch
I was just broke before its more fun being rich.

[Chorus] 2x.

[Verse: Prevail]
Yo ma you so raw, hotter than Soul La
I like so far, dancing with no bra
Show me where them hands are, reaching for my keys

Its cool we can roll we do everything in three's
Four go with them, two come with me
Pound it like a drum see how fun it can be
Got pull like a monster truck, at the crib
Do watch the f***k this is life live it up
Case closed but there's more for later
Pushing her buttons like Space Invaders
My whole pack is tattooed in black like villains
We can bounce tonight but tomorrow don't catch feelings.

Bounce, Rock, Drink, Smoke, Do whatever
Can't stop get more of this cheddar
Don't you love it when a plan comes together
Doing big things spending more of this cheddar.

[Verse: Moka Only]
I hear them say glorious how it must feel
We coming through rolling on rims bigger than bus wheels
And plus skill that's a total package
You scared like airplanes and exploding (?)
That's the size of the damage we do, no amateur crew
Taking care of business like a manager do
Hey! Rhymes knowing how I'm so fantastic
When I bend it and smack it, just ask the last chick
The beat will knock them like a brick to the head
It's Moka O. and if you don't know, I'm sick in the head
Ripping it that's why I'm flipping the bread
I got your neck knotted like a bitch addicted to head.