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Versuri Sunrise Avenue - Wonderland

trimise de Hellboy807Hellboy807.

Dream on you boys
I know it feels cold around now
But we will raise our voices someday
Leave the past behind
And smile for what is here now
We will be as one all the way
On the way to wonderland

We donét know wonderland
We donét know how to get there
We will keep on searching for the way
We dream all the way
Of the moments we'll have there
We can see them all clear today
On the way to wonderland, On the way

Sometimes the night is cold
There are times we hurt inside
Sometimes the goal seems too far away
We donét know wonderland
Weéve heard about the ones whoéve been there
Ités a place made for us they say
On the way to wonderland

We see the sun weére gonna run
Towards the wonderland
The only place where we belong
The search will never end
We push against the wind and rain
Beating tears and pain
Together we can find wonderland

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