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Versuri Welcome to my life
- Sunrise Avenue

trimise de AlleenaAlleena.

This is not really me
You're an angel not asking who I am
You understand
That is not really you
You look at me as if I'm something more
Well dream on.

Welcome to my life
You see it is not easy
But I'm doing all right
Welcome to my dream
It's the only one who needs me
And stays right by my side.

Welcome to my wonderland
It'll take time to find out where we stand
In all this mess

There was the first day for me too
And I had no guide and I was lost like you
I still am.

But it makes me feel alive.

Welcome to my life..

Once upon a time there was a guy
Who thought life is a joyride of ladies and red wine
He was so sure he'd get the prices and the glory with his rhymes
He'd never need no one to be there beside him
Now they're all surrounding me and I feel lonely
So lonely