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Versuri Sunrise Avenue - Sombody help me

trimise de KetalinaKetalina.

I need to see you right now
You blow me away
There's really something here

I need to hold you tight now
I want you in that way
I really think you feel the same

We spent a night in my car
You messed my hair
And I needed nothing more

Without you I am all right
I love my life today
But I love you so much more

Somebody say when the fight is over
My heart is all burned
And nothing can ease the pain
I'm falling into something I'm scared
It's all about her
And I can't believe myself
I behave like little girls it's unfair
When will this fairytale get easy
When will this doubt disappear from my head
Please somebody help me

I took the spoon off my cup
Like you always do
Cause it means bad luck in love

It's been the day of my life
But I'm thinking of you
I seem to miss someone

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