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Versuri Sunrise Avenue - S*x & cigarettes

trimise de KetalinaKetalina.

Bad girls wanna get s*x and cigarettes
They think they have a thousand lives
To waste them all as they want
I don't wanna go there, no

Good girls wanna have handsome suit men
They hope that's the way to all the
Happiness in the world
I don't wear no tie, no

Save me and give me a direction
Don't know how to find another you since you're gone now
It breaks me and it kills my e*****n
I have no appetite and I'm far from all right

Cool girls wanna wear fashion clothes trendy hair
They look like a Christmas tree
I couldn't ever get them
Cause I'm out of style, yeah!

The bad girls wanna get s*x and cigarettes
I don't give a damn about these ladies
I just want you and me
As it was before

Here's my wish list:
Deep eyes, soft lips
And a life so she don't need mine
A good heart, strong mind
All real outside
And truly all just mine

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