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Versuri Dream like a child
- Sunrise Avenue

trimise de AlleenaAlleena.

Nearly third of my height
You smile and make all wrong right
You believe the world's right here.

To hear the big one's whisper
They try to make you smarter
But you pretend you just don't hear.

Please please get away from me
Please please go and let me dream.

I don't need any of you to tell me how
The rain can fall on me
There's a faith in my heart I can do anything
If I just try hard
I don't need all the boundaries you build for me
And no I don't need no guide
Let me feel all the thirst I have inside of me
Let me dream like child.


Everything's for the first time
For you the strange guy is fine
You believe there's good in us all.

Close to those who feel right
They almost hold you too tight
They will keep you far from the fall.

I don't need any of you to tell me how...

Dreaming of the seas and places
Dreaming of the skies and faces
Dreaming of the Sand and Kisses
Dreaming of the Love and Bliss's.

Dreaming of the Snow top mountains
Dreaming of the flies and fountains
Dreaming of the White wild horses
Dreaming of the world