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Versuri Sunrise Avenue - Birds and bees

trimise de AlleenaAlleena.

I'm looking at you through my window
I have no one, I want you so
My heaven is upside down right now
I want you, I want you, I do

I am looking at you as you walk by
My heart beats fast I sure know why
I'm looking at you and your fine tail
You really drive me insane

Look at me
There's a way I believe
You could want me and join me
Like the birds and the bees
Maybe Baby
It's enough with the tease
We'd enjoy it the right way
Just like those birds and bees

When I'm thinking of you my knees go weak
I'm all yours, my dreams run deep
I'm looking at you with a drooling mouth
You make me scream and shout

Leather and oil and all nightlong
Marvin Gaye's sweet love song
Venus is rising, the hell breaks loose
It's natural baby, there's no excuse

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