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Versuri Sugababes - Easy (corect!)

trimise de SuperSuper.

1) engine's running high baby, can you come and check it?
got such a pretty kitty, boy I know you want to pet it
the weathear's nice and wet just south of the border
I can cook up anything that you have to order


come on baby
I'll make it easy
come on honey
I'll make it so easy
anything that you want boy (you know I got it)
anytime that you need it (you know I'm on it)

2) hey Mr Postman, where's the mail for my mailbox?
I wanted s*x on the beach and I don't mean on the rocks
It's your serve baby but the ball's in my court
I've got a landing strip clear for you at the airport.



anything that you want boy (you know I got it) (x6)
and whenever you're gone boy (I just can't stand it)
you just make me lose my mind

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