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Versuri Snuffed out
- Street Life

Yo I loved you to death nigga
It's like til death do us part
Peace nigga now we must part kid
Yeah f***k it whateva
We used to be tight now it's shoot on sight
Takin the ghetto rights slidin in ya wife on a rainy night
Low budget nigga wanna act like youse a killa
in the spotlight but never lived the life
Throw the griller in ya mouth piece rock you to sleep
F***n wit Street, you better travel wit heat, speakin my piece
You survived my attempt to homicide, tried to slide
and lit five rounds but hit the building side

This is how it's goin down, ain't no peace until ya gone
Play around, wit ya life playa you won't live long
Probably got a vest on, but your thoughts react like the unborn
That's when I swarm on your street dreams you moron
Carry on, 'fore these lead Dons rip through ya teflon
I remain calm, even though you straight pass through my left arm
I never fold, I reload, keep my clip full mo'
Empty out six licks to bloody up your wardrobe
Plus that click you run with, I heard y'all niggaz rub dicks
Greet niggaz with a french kiss, some real fag s***t
Seen The Bitch in Yoo, from the first day you came through
Saw the size of my crew, and started actin brand new
That bulls***t you pulled, you gon' pay too
You and Bubble Lip Lou, is dead on the avenue
I bailed you out, passed off a key to the stash house
So you could lay low, from your P. O., before you maxed out
Then you went the wrong route
That's why I threw my dick in your girl's mouth
Get snuffed the f***k out, walk wit your guns out
I'll see you nigga!
Yeah, see you
See you