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Versuri We hold the key
- Stratovarius

I'm watching as the morning sun rises.
Before my very eyes revealing all this beauty.
Questions fill my mind once again, clearing my thoughts.
Have I been blind? Now I see.

The hole is getting bigger in the sky, do you know the reason why.
Do you know the reason why, nobody seems to care.
Everything is so well in your life.
Did you ever give a dime, to things that you really believed?.

The future will show, what happenes to our world.

We hold the key to the door, of salvation eternally.
We hold the key to minds to the future of mankind.

It's time to wake up from your dreams,

to reality this can't go on believe me.
If you just turn your head away.
Will tomorrow be the same, try to foresee.

The future will show..

We hold the key..

What will we find?
Mountains to climb?
More destruction and hatred, we'll discover.
Suddenly sounds awake me.
Birds singing beautifully.
Maybe there is hope still left..
In this world.

We hold the key..