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Versuri Legions
- Stratovarius

Far in the core of the earth, first it was given birth.
We heard the call the message was so clear.
The tracks were laid for the future to come.
Sons and daughters of the Rising Sun,
the armies in Europe here we come.
We run like the wind we play from the heart,
now we are here together we sing.

Faster than light,
higher than the sky,
tonight we're together again.
Never give up and give in,
stronger than steel
we're the legions of the twilight.

We survived the hard times,
never accepted the lies,
you run like the wind you sing from the heart.
Now that we're here together we'll sing.

Faster than light..

When we have to go back home again,
we'll keep the mem'ries we gained inside our hearts.

Faster than light..

Raise your hands for us!