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Versuri Babylon
- Stratovarius

A new day is rising in ancient Babylon
revealing mysteries to see.

And the endless caravan
never ending it's journey
with the wings
of the wind I will fly.

I can hear you calling me,
I am blind but I see.

Babylon, your memory haunts me forever.
It won't leave me be.

Babylon, wour glory's stronger
than ever for all to see.

Centuries have passed by

but your memory still lives on.
In the minds of those who see
under the summer moon.
There comes a sight
that stays with me forever.
I can hear you calling me.
I am blind but I see.


And underneath the starlit sky
I feel so strong I'll never die.
I'm on this road to Eternity.
My soul will live forever.

-I'm Free-