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Versuri Did you feel it?
- Stone Cold feat Steve Austin

Who ever, in a million years, thought to put an acoustic guitar,
In a guitar stand, right here in the studio?.

Jim: I dont know, I wont do that again.

Well, obviously not that guitar!
Ha Ha Ha!
Hey ya can't get all sad about this thing, that's just the way things go.
Hey, it happens in the studio all the time.
Give me that stupid electric guitar and ill show you what
I'm talkin' about.
Okay, I'm not real warm.
I havn't done my finger excercises,
Cause they've been wrapped a 12 ounce can.
But anyway, here's basically what I'm looking for.
So just.. just kinda listen in and you'll see what
I'm talkin about.

(Austin plays a heavy hard rock tune).

Jim: That's.. that's rough.

Okay, and, well yeah, that's heavy, that's what I wanted,
I wanted rock n' roll, I want energy, I want agression, I want violence.
Well, let me ask you something, when i give you that guitar track,
I know you heard it, but did you feel it?
Because you feel a great musician, dont just hear em', but did you feel it?.

Jim: I felt something..

Austin: Okay, well give it to me back, and..

Jim: Okay, here we go, tell me if this is what you want..

(Jim plays a more wimpy, slow guitar tune).

Are you trying to insult my intelligence?
That ain't even close to what I just played, would try it one more time please, no no no,
I'll do it a little better, PRETTY please, would you please try it again?!.

Jim: I'll really stretch the envelope this time..

Austin: Don't just stretch it, I mean push the sumb*tch! Hit It!.

(Jim finally plays a tune similar to Austin's).

Austin: Now your startin' to get it! A round of applause!