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Versuri Stokeswood - Bloody history

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You can blame it all on me
Can blame it

You will never amount to much they say
You've heard it your whole life
You've been trying your best 'til your dying day
But now your gripping the knife
On the edge; Ain't it grand
Outrunning the reaper man
Trapped like a rat with the wall at your back
Holding until the timing is right
In our pitiful plight

You can blame it all on me

Spring forth from the earth
You were born from the dirt
You're a man of mud and misery
And glad that you are; you've been sin from the start
And you blame it on your bloody history
Blame it on your bloody history
Like the branches of this tree
Blame it on me

Breathless are the ones who
Never shut their mouths
With pumping bellows
Innocent men recently condemned
Being led to the gallows

You can blame it all on me

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