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Versuri Walk away
- Stiff Little Fingers

Stiff Little Fingers
» Walk Away.

You feel the damp in the evening air
You see them standing you feel them stare
You hear their insults you can hear them shout
You try to answer but no words come out
Your face gets hotter as the anger rise
You can see excitement in their eyes
As they free their aggression in the usual way
It's easier to fight
Harder just to walk away.

The streets are empty as you're going home
You got your collar turned up against the cold
You're tired and hungry and and you're fit to drop
The rain is pouring won't it ever stop
You hear the voice from the alleyway
Saying: "Come here boy don' I know your name? "
And there's no use in running so you've gotta stay
It's easier to fight
Harder just to walk away.

Walk away
Walk away
Walk away
It's easier to fight than walk away.

The corner boys on the march again
Got a size 10 boot where they keep their brain
Drinking cheap wine acting hard and loud
You cross the road get lost in the crowd
You feel your heartbeat as the taunts ring out
No comprehension what it's all about
The don't need reason for this anyway
Easier just to fight
Harder to walk away.

So you stand and lash out
Though you know that it's wrong
And it's hard to believe
That's how we get along
Here in every city
Happens every day
Easier just to fight
Easier just to fight
Easier just to fight
Easier just to fight
Then walk away.

No sense of logic in a flying fist
No point in calculating what they've missed
That's what we made them it's not their fault
We just ignored them when they needed taught
You hear a voice from inside your head
Saying: "With that life you'd be better off dead"
You know that they got no hope from day to day
But it's hard to try to help
Much easier to walk away