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Versuri Big city night
- Stiff Little Fingers

Stiff Little Fingers
» Big City Night.

Stop and go on an empty crossing
The lights keep changing to only their hum
And standing in line along the kerb
The binbags wait till the morning comes
You hear yourself walk echo lonely
See shadows move in every door
Are you sure that's your own footsteps behind?
Is there really nothing to turn round for?.

And you feel that you're always gonna walk the city streets all on your own
The night is dark as a car crawls by
And the road goes on and on
They don't care about you
They never even think about you
Cos they're gonna do without you.. and you're gone.

Just another big city night.

Over your shoulder, round every corner
Remember what's happened to people you've known
Watch for yourself cos no-one else will
You're gonna get it if you're alone
Suddenly a stab from a knife out of nowhere
Jumped from behind like they always do
It only makes one line in the paper you read
Somebody got it.. but it wasn't you.


Just another big city night
Who's it gonna be tonight?