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Versuri Be happy yesterday
- Stiff Little Fingers

Stiff Little Fingers
» (I Could) Be Happy Yesterday.

Just like the autumn
When leaves turn brown and fall upon the ground
That's how you left me
You just went cold and everything changed round
If I could have that time again
Would we still be friends
Or am I lying?.

With everything I've said and done

And every race that I have run
When there is nothing more to say
I could be happy yesterday
With every lie that I've been told
And every dud that I've been sold
I would forget them anyway
I could be happy yesterday.

Goodbye forever
You packed your bags and headed out the door
I'm being clever
Seeing if there's more points I can score
And though I'm sneering all the time
I'm dying inside
Do you remember?.


I could be happy
Oh, so happy
I could be happy
But it seems that I'm frustrating
All attempts at my elation.

[Chorus x3]