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Versuri A river flowing
- Stiff Little Fingers

Stiff Little Fingers
» A River Flowing.

Judgement man
On the bench again
Telling me what I've done wrong
Judgement man
Throws away the key
Says he's putting me where I belong
Government man
On my TV screen
Telling me what's right for me
But the government man
On the TV screen
Doesn't see things that I can see
He's calling :
Trust me need me
Put your faith in my lies
Believe me
Trust me need me
We're moving on
Cos we're past believing.

We are a river flowing
And you can't turn the river round
We are a river flowing
Why don't you jump in the river and drown.

Police man
On the beat again
Beating all that he can find
Criminal man
On the street again
Steal instead of serving time
Preacher man
On the satellite
Says he gonna save my heart
All it takes is a telephone call
And a current credit card
He's crying:
Hold me feel me
Put your hands on my head and heal me
Hold me fleece me
We're moving on
Cos we're past believing.

For too long now
You've denied the truth
Now you have to face your fear
Cos for too long now
You've had all the power
But you can't last another year
Face me see me
Realise that I'm what you made me
Hear me join me
Or stand aside as the tide come sweeping