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Versuri Every night, every day
- Steve Winwood

I don't know how long i can take it
There's times when i don't think i can make it through, baby
Don't know what you and me are gonna do, baby. hey, baby
You know it's time to face up to what is wrong
I lie awake at night, i can't sleep while you're lying there
This feeling worries me, i can see it's going nowhere
Oh baby, now i just work all day trying to earn my pay
Oh, is it worth it now to sweat all day and see it slip away.

Every night, every day, i keep feeling the same old way
Every night, every day, i keep feeling the same old way.

Now then i've been thinking' about it
You say that it's okay - it'll be all right, baby. hey, baby
But that's fine when all you do is party every night, baby
You say my clothes are soiled and my hands ain't clean
But i'm working overtime checking' every wheel is locked in tight
On that production line, baby, running at the speed of light
Oh, have mercy now, when you look that way and you start to play
Then oh, i'm burning up. i tell you one more day, i'm gonna fade away.

It's the same old way, baby, it's the same old way now
It's the same way, it's just the same old way, hangs me up all day