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Took place in east new york - versuri Stetsasonic |
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Versuri Stetsasonic - Took place in east new york

[Human Mix Machine Wise]
My name is Wise Supreme and I don't eat pork
I reside in Chilltown but came from East New York
From a time of bein broke to a life of luxury
Stay in the house or you won't see much of me
But when I'm out I go to Brooklyn just to chill and max
And from my head to my toes I wear all black
No, I'm not a criminal, playin with my digital
Lay back in my chair while collectin my residuals
Cash that I made during winter, summer, fall, spring
But gettin dissed by a foe is just a small thing
Rememberin the time I was goin to a talent show
I saw my ex-partner who's now a foe, you know

Anyway, the brother said hi, cool
This took place in Jefferson High School
I was here to observe all the talented acts
He was there to try to battle, here's the facts
Was sittin in my seat, the host grabs a mic
"Stet's Human Mix Machine versus Essence tonight"
I said, "What? Who set this up? "
The crowd started goin crazy as they start to erupt
Between every act of people doin their show
Essence got on the mic and said, "Wise, let's go"
I didn't wanna battle, why waste my time?
He got on stage, kicked beats while his MC started rhymin

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