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Versuri Steppenwolf - Shackles and chains

Take what you got to give and let it shine
Take what you got to give but leave me mine
Nobody likes you the way that I could
For you, I'd dive to the bottom
Don't you know I surely would

Can you hear me callin' late at night when love comes tumblin' down
Slidin' in your kitchen late at night, hear me stumblin' around
Someday you'll want me the way I want you
And then I'll climb thru your mountain if you really want me to

Don't hold your knife so close to my head
I'll hide all the shackles and chains on my bed
I know I'm a rounder, it's hard to forget
After all the little playful things I've done

Now if you believe me, then let us be kind
We'll sit down together and talk over wine
If you show me your game, then I'll show you mine
'Til our shadows fade beneath the rising sun

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