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Versuri Fray
- Staind

trimise de HermioneHermione.

know that it never goes away
All I feel, everything I'm not today
So I try and I try to make everything right
I don't feel like I'm doing it, it affects me.

You wouldn't listen even if I told you
Who the f***k am I to say?
You're too busy with the lies they sold you
Another cure to fix your day
Open wide for all the s***t they feed you
While the TV defecates
And blindly walk wherever they will lead you
While the edges slowy fray.

I know that everything can change

What I need is to open up again
So never again will I look back in vain
'Cause today's not the past, I don't need to relive it.


Are you satisfied?
I've given all I can
And are you pacified
Or do you want more from me?.


I've learned that this life's not just a game
Just a line between the pleasures and the pain.


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