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Versuri Super
- Spice Girls

spice girls super.

emmma: hey boys and girls
how are you?
melc: im fine super
oh its super
melb:we cant dance dance dance
we cant singe
victoria:we cant walk we cant
talk its super.

its super-super
its good -good
its oright-oright
its feels super
its feels good
its feels oright.

melc:everybody swing swing swing
and dance dance dance
victoria:its oke its oright
its super
emma:ohhhhhhhhhh we cant talk and walk
its feels super
melb:we cant this we cant that
oh we cant everything cause
alle :we are SUPER!!!!!.

melb:dance dance dance
victoria:talk talk talk
emma:swing swing swing
melc: walk walk walk.

refrein refrein refrein
writter jackie spice girls and knowles