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Versuri Sonny Flame - Another day

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This is real, hmm, it's just what I feel,
It's real life...
Listen up, listen up! Listen up, listen up!
Yeahh, uooh!

If I'll never see tomorrow,
Tell me God why should I fight against today! Eeh!
I'll be needing another day,
Because I still don't know what you want me to do right over here,
Let me stay, let me stay!

Strofa 1:
I'm 25 now and I realized that I was born,
To work hard for everything that I earned, here's what I learned:
To wait for my turn until my time comes up,
To keep my faith no matter how tight I'm locked,
I'm looking back in the days and I see a child dreaming,
Rapping about his pain, tryna to forget about that feeling,
So hard for his brain, because this world got insane,
His mother passed away and father's always away,
This ain't no story, this is real, so pay attention!
He grew up in street gangs with no love and affection,
And nobody gave a f*ck about him and his life's direction,
God was the only one who gave him the right protection.


Strofa 2:
I know it's hard to believe, but it's been like 12 years,
Since he started on this music business, it's clear,
That it's so dirty out there, and that's why he's still down,
And that's the reason he wanna prove to them that he ain't no clown,
That he was born to shine, that he deserves the crown,
Children on the streets screaming: Sonny Flame the best around!
He gotta find a way to make them proud one day,
This game became so rough that he gotta fight like Cassius Clay,
He's not the same anymore, he can't stay in the rain no more,
He's up to break the chain and catch the train this time for sure,
And after all this pain he's been through the sun will rise,
I hope I didn't write in vain, you should open your eyes!


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