You baby - versuri Sonny feat Cher |
You baby - versuri Sonny feat Cher |
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Versuri Sonny feat Cher - You baby

You know I've been wanting you
My whole life through
And now that you're my guy
I'm going to live and die for you
Baby, baby now you're gonna know
All the ways I plan to thrill you so
You gonna see
There's a lifetime of loving me
Just for

You baby, you baby
Oow baby just for you
Whoa oh
Only you

Only you could have make me
Wait this long wanting your kiss
Now you're really mine
I'll make up for the time
You made us miss
Baby, baby now that it's all right
I'm gonna hug and kiss you every night
You're gonna see that
I save up all the love in me
Just for

[Chorus x4]

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