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Versuri Slipknot - People = s***t

Come on!!

Here we go again mother f***r!!


Come on down
and see the idiot right here
too f***d up and I am not afraid to care
doesn't matter what can nominate her anyway
run get the f***k out of my face
on a turn and I can't feel anything
it isn't nothing but a self that can decay
I feel like I'm wounded
and I got a f***king gun against my head
you live when I'm dead

one more time mother f***r!!

Everybody hates me now so f***k you
pulled to my feet and my hands and I don't know why
I'm not afraid to cry
but that is none of your business

so you feel it, kick it, see it, feel it, eat it, beat it out
so I can spit in his face
I wanna leave without a trace
get out, I don't want to die in this place

people=***t [x4]
(what you gonna do)
(I'm not afraid of you)
(I'm everything, I'm not a pain)

Come on!!

It never stops
you can't blame everything on everyone
I got changed and I'm sittin on the side of satan
what do you want from me?
You never told me what I was meant to be
now over to it, don't tell me to feel it
stop your bitchin'
and fight your way through it
I'm not like you
I just f***k up

kill them mother f***r everybody has to die
kill them mother f***r everybody has to die!!

People=***t [x5]
People=***t [x4]
(what you gonna do)
(I'm not afraid of you)
(I'm everything, I'm not a pain)

You're dead to my eye!!

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