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Versuri Prophet
- Slightly Stoopid

but i aint no prophet
to cure some damn disease
and would you help me anyway
if i was on my knees
i'm going through my time of change
in my time of need
and every little thing is gonna
be all the same
and then i thought to my self
i'm gonna marry into wealth
i'm gonna take everything she's got to offer and keep it for myself
oh yeah
she said to me
i don't like what i see
and i say to her
but i don't even know you there
every time that i called you up
on the telephone
but each time you say to me
i want to be alone
well so i hopped in my car
and drove away some place real far
i'm gonna push my pedal straight for the metal
and head right for the bar
she said to me
i don't like what i see
but i say to her
take off all your underwear