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Versuri Skrewdriver - The only one

trimise de Dutu1986Dutu1986.

Never reckoned much to mixing
People always mess me 'round
Always looking out for favours
Trying to bleed me into the ground

'Cause I'm a, yeah I'm the loner baby,
I'm the only one now,
Right I'm the loner baby,
Yeah, I'm moving on.

People always criticising
Telling me what I must do
I don't want nobody's advice
I ain't gonna listen to you.

(Repeat Chorus)

Middle Eight:
Like it much better when I'm on my own
I much prefer it when I'm all alone
I don't like nobody ruining my peace
I don't want nobody bugging me

Never trusted anybody
Never let nobody try
When somebody asks me questions
I don't never tell no lies

(Repeat Chorus) x2

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