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trimise de Matei_mMatei_m.

Ski Skizzy din Timi, vin in yo face bitch
reprezint strada nu Merlos Place deci
posibil sa gasesti pe langa iarba niste pills
tarfe pe strada unde stau nu e Beverly Hills
da-mi tot ce ai hai scoate tot fi amabil
eu nu negociez dar tot ce ai tu e negociabil
jos blugi Pelle Pelle ti-as da din ale mele
dar n-ai putea sa mergi un metru in nikeurile mele
ma lumineaza jah jah nu-mi trebe bling bling
dar iti iau lantzu de la gat sa fac un ching ching
ain't no thing thing the cash money collecta
cand scot arma vreau sa o faci luciu ca nicoleta
stiu retzeta, bucatar c*****e cookin
ai zice ca sunt un pusti golan din brooklin
acum Skizzo e o problema rapapam
ca la show va tin pe toti sus ca-n Amsterdam.

JAF, mainile sus e jaf (repeat X4).

Mainile sus bwoy, asta e un stick up
Hey DJ da-mi volum si pune mainile pe pick up
Din Timishuaua big up, spre Bucuresti dau big up
Deci da-mi tot ce ai ca asta e un stick up!.

Before we start I pop off 2 to let them know it's real

Hands high in the sky loud shouts, screams and shrills
Hesitant still, but will won't let me hesitate
Focused, see the gusto cleary make my riches levitate
First it was feather weights
Now its the heavy hitters
Shyning bright like diamonds to me no not a shake nor shiver
Stealing the fame without shouting my name.

As quick as I came is exactly how they will try and tame
But I'm rich with the sense to know this is not a game
One false move and ya boss man is to shame
So.. use your brain.. and do it with no fingerprints
Do it loud, make a scene, but that's tha only evidence
And make it evident there's one like Drei
With a stone cold swagger and a million dollar sway
The tint of my shades make you head the other way
P***g down your only leg wishing that you never stayed.