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Versuri High troubles
- Skizzo Skillz feat Connect-R

trimise de Ruxxy4uRuxxy4u.

Refren (x2) :
Oh, no, look in my eyes,
I'm telling you 'cuz I'm sick of these lies.
Oh, no, I got troubles,
Somebody gimme the whistle
I can mess my problems.

Smoke my s***t down,
I roll my s***t down
When I hit the ground
Rappers get it around,
So hear the sound.
What the f***k is your problem, dude
I got your stuff in the stage and I got you.
Now I'm f***kin' and talkin' and walkin'
And talkin' and spoken and walkin'
That's that Jah Jah they get doped, now would you.
Problems, I got my own and on and on
But my?? s***t make me swamp like a stone
Now they're all gone
Now I'm telling I'm floating like a shadow
Me and Skizzo livin' a life for no tomorrow
Ain't no such a thing, ain't no thing, ain't no thing
I'm the giggle star boom.

Refren (x2) :..

What them are gonna do?
What them are gonna do?
When my light will split
What them are gonna say?
Why the policeman 'cuz you neva' eva' know
Ganja?? and if ya done, go
Police and problems??
Skizzo, Connect-r ya done, no?
So mess all gone troubles
We'll never reach it
Was to the ghetto you and me try to ditch it
Damn yo block kids neva' watch it
Elegant problems them song won't touch it
No man I die, no man I don't try
?? I and I man know why
Don't try this 'cuz if you test you'll sure die
?? the bad boy, the rude boy
Then gwan original clubs with the bad looks
They know me got?? from these bad books
And then I wander why they fight the m********a
Kill out the air wanna persecute the fine man
Fooly man don't realize the ganja
Legalize it and promo the ganja
Legalize it, no more ganja troubles
And so we have no more problems. No!.

Refren (x2) :..

Ride ride ride
We never afraid to
Die die die
But sometimes they
Cry cry cry
Why why why
I most get so
High high high
And so we smoke so
Lie lie lie
No more troubles
Jah jah jah
E cu mine acum
Jah jah jah