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Versuri Skinny Puppy - Curcible

trimise de Lidia_98Lidia_98.

Good and evil does not exist. Christ!

Fix the outcome overall playing into follow along. Face the weak bland
righteousness. Deliver them or kill them dead. Shorter now. God and the demise
patience cries the burning cross. Christ!

Confessions alter bugger faith. Moisten gland. Insert and taste. Good and evil does
not exist.

Shorter now. God lies rich forced upon sinners itch. Kept a box locked in tight.

Slaves reward reserved in spite. Drive across. Burn incense.

This is the god to save your soul. Water burns holy. Kill the faith inside of you.
Watch the killing starts after you accept the part to redirect your mind.

Whisper the name. All is not so black and white.




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