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Versuri Skinny Puppy - Cult

A lasting moment to hold onto with regret. The scent of time. Tried and tested I
never noticed the phantoms of her mind. Crescent moon. I am cutting through. Paste
up warnings fill the sky. Smoking embers. I remember. Time and time again to try to
live In light, to sink within her. I think of light.

Time to blame, to borrow from your past. Elapse collapsing.

She's not insane. She's gone insane.

And if the root of silence pulls me up (off) and love is lost not from my heart, I'll sit
upon this throne that throws me off. And she falls backwards to the floor and

forwards to the back. She says, elapses all my truth again. She's the one I live for. I
live alone. I live alone. Cutting through.

She's not insane. I live alone. I live alone. She's the one I live for. I live alone...

Burns inside horribly. She lifts me to the spirit burns. The darkest hours. My
corrupt brain is hurting. Once again the door lies quiet. Left alone I'm thinking of
her. Sitting. The burning clock of time.

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