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Versuri Skillet - Sometimes

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Sometimes when I lie
I know you're on to me
Sometimes I don't mind
How hateful that I can be

Sometimes I don't try
To make you happy
I don't know why I do
the things I do to you but...

Sometimes I don't wanna be better
Sometimes I can't be
put back together
Sometimes I find it hard to believe
there's someone else who could be
Just as messed up as me
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Sometimes don't deny
That everything is wrong
Sometimes rather die
Than to admit it's my fault

Sometimes when you cry
I just don't care at all
I don't know why I do
the things I do to you but...

I want someone to hurt
Like the way I hurt
it's sick but it makes
me feel better

Sometimes I can't hide
The demons that I face
Sometimes don't deny
I'm sometimes sinner
sometimes saint

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