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Versuri Am i not your girl
- Sinead O'connor

I am not a liar, and I'm not full of hatred
But I hate lies and so the liars hate me
The same who can't stand the sight of a starving baby?
can you really say you're not in pain like me?
Are any of us not living painfully?
Pain is what their lies have kept us in
But the war has started now, and truth will win
Many of us are gonna lose our lives and that's okay
because to live we have to die
The enemies of God will say it's chaos
just remember what Jesus did in the temple
and be patient
exactly why do you think he was assassinated?
who was it that did the dirty deed?
Who didn't like the answers they'd received?
Look at the one wearing the collar
Then or now, there's only ever been one liar
and it's the holy roman empire
and this is exactly what they did
they told us lies to take us away from God
so yeah, I am angry
but I'm not full of hate
I am full of love
God said "I bring not peace, I bring a sword"