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Versuri Curly top's birthday
- Shirley Temple

You know what?
I bet you don't know
what day this is.

You forgot,
I bet you that
it left your head.

You know what?
I bet you I know
what day this is,
'cause I've got the calendar
marked in red.

Blow your whistles
this is Curly Top's birthday
Ev'ry girlie and boy
will get a toy
and lots of candy and cake.

Shake your rattles

'cause it's Curly Top's birthday.
With a hop and a skip
we'll board the shop
upon the lemonade lake.

Old "Captain January"
will smile and welcome you,
He'll sail the "Good Ship Lollipop"
and we will be the crew.

Beat the tin pans
this is Curly Top's birthday;
From the ends of the earth
A happy birthday to you!.