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Versuri Shhh! i'm watching the movie
- Shirelles

I went to a movie with some girlfriends of mine
I saw a handsome boy on the ticket line
He followed us up into the balcony
& he sat down right beside me.

(male voice) : Hey girl, what's your name?
(Shirley) : Shhh! I'm watchin' the movie
(male voice) : My name's Steve, what's yours?
(Shirley) : Shhh! I'm watchin' the movie.

I really wanted to meet that guy
But it wasn't right & so I acted shy
Right in the middle of a kissing scene
He brought me a drink from the soda machine.

Steve: Come on baby, let's leave this place
Shirley: Shhh! I'm watchin' the movie
Steve: Oh come on, come on, let's go
Shirley: Oh well, all right.

He seemed so nice I decided to go
He took my hand & said "Let's go".

Now we go together to the movie show
'Cause he's my guy & I dig him so
We sit way back in the balcony
But when I wanna talk he says to me.

Steve: Shhh! I'm watchin' the movie
Shirley: Oh please, come on, Steve
Steve: Oh come on, let me watch it
Shirley: Plese, let's..
Steve: It's just about over
Shirley: But I wanna walk with you
.. & fade