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Versuri How i love you
- Sheek Louch

[Sheek talking]
Yo I mean you been there for me.
You know what Im sayin?
And I wont you know, I wont do you wrong ever again.
Know what I mean?
You've been there, and Imma be there for you from now on.
You know what I mean?
I aint gonna neglect you I aint gonna do none of that s***.
You got my full undivided attention and i aint afraid to say it,
I love you, I love you, I love you, f***k it I love you.

(How I love you) I aint afraid to say it, Im a thug
(How I love you) more than that, Im a man.
You know wut i mean (How I love you) Im in love.
You my bitch lets go.

I used to dream about you watchin every move you made
I was young tho, I think 3rd or 2nd grade
Id go home write a poem put it rite to a beat
What i would do, what i would say if we would one day meet
I started gettin older still lovin ur style
How u dressed, how u drove the whole 80s wild
I was proud when you first got on MTV
You was in the video chillin with Run DMC
Thats my girl, knowin a nigga feinin to hit it
Knowin one day in the future id be rite up in it
I started doin talent shows I had it off the hook
You was there but u was to big, u wouldnt even look
I aint mad, u didnt notice till i got in a group
but even then it wasnt nothin unless i got in the coop
Got me goin crazy everyday youd switch up on me
Puttin that rite in my face knowin me so horney