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Versuri 3-5-4 (tarrentino)
- Sheek Louch

[Sheek Louch]
A'yo four shots let off, black truck sped off
Big s***, tryna take a motherf***n head off.

A'yo hold up man, let me take y'all back to the begining
Let y'all know what happend that night, listen
I don't even know these niggaz hangin in front
Usually we woulda been asked them what do they want
What they came here for, this is 354
What you tryna get some gas or some s***t from the store

But nobody asked these motherf***kers what do they want
It was bitin, mad traffic, the first of the month
It was me, Chep, Bizzy and Hit
B. G. and Lickalone and yeah I think Earth was there and s***t
And a few other niggaz in and out of the buildin
Tryin to catch every sell but not to children
Got a sixty of that yack in the store in the back
Chep about to go home and get more of his pack
Jake ain't f***n wit us, what's the miracle
Niggaz moms ex heads now turn spiritual
Wanna preach to us talk about Christ
And how f***k sand, how he could bring the beach to us
That's when I noticed niggaz still outside
Hoody on with some shades like they tryna hide
So I cocked the hammer then I walked to 'em
No beef, just a friendly little talk to 'em